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Phone Number: 020 7926 0500
Twitter: @opplambeth

What do we do? 

From hotels and housing to cafes and cultural venues: every year, investment creates thousands of new jobs in our borough.

Opportunity Lambeth brings together these jobs with residents who have the skills to fill them. This helps the Council to achieve two of the three priorities in the Future Lambeth Borough Plan: reducing inequality and growing in a way that includes everyone.

We support three groups:

1. Residents looking for work

As part of the planning process, all major developments need to give Lambeth residents priority access to a certain number of jobs. So if you live in the borough, you’re already at the front of the queue.

By registering with Opportunity Lambeth, you’ll be able to see and apply for these jobs. You’ll also be able to get more help if you need it. 

That’s why, after you register on the site, we’ll ask you a few short questions. We’ll then use your answers to work out whether you’re eligible for one-to-one support from us. If you aren’t eligible, you can go straight to uploading your CV, creating a skills profile and searching for relevant opportunities. Or you can see whether another local employment support organisation could help you. 

I am looking for a job

2. Employers with jobs to offer in our borough

Lambeth residents have a lot to offer local businesses, contributing to a skilled, competent and motivated workforce. Thanks to our skills-matching function, as well as the extra support we offer some candidates, the people who come through us will have the skills you need. 

To tap into this local talent, simply register, then fill in a template to tell us about your vacancy. If we (or any of our partner organisations) find a good match on our database, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll make your vacancy live so everyone who’s registered can see it. We’ll also carry out a basic screen of applicants’ CVs before we send them on to you.

I have got a job to fill

3. Organisations that help residents find or get ready for work

By registering with Opportunity Lambeth, and keeping the details about you and your organisation up to date, you’ll become part of the Opportunity Lambeth Provider Network. 

You’ll then receive invites to regular events, where we’ll tell you about upcoming job vacancies and sources of funding. You’ll also appear in our Provider Directory, where residents and other organisations can see you. This will make your services accessible to a wider audience, while making it easier to coordinate your activities with other providers.

On top of this, you’ll able to give your clients access to our jobs by helping them to register on the website. 

I help Lambeth residents get into work