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Skillbot Knowledge Base

The Better Placed partnership of Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark are looking for a supplier to support the development of a Skillbot pilot.

Skillbot is a partnership project between Better Placed and London South Bank University (LSBU). It is a ‘proof of concept’ pilot project that utilises Artificial Intelligence to help residents navigate the employment, skills and careers advice landscape. It will work as a chatbot that residents can interact with when seeking information and navigation to different sources of support. We are seeking external support to develop the knowledge base that will sit within Skillbot.

In order for Skillbot to be effective, it requires a knowledge database that is sufficient enough to provide relevant advice to residents. The output from this specification will be a series of questions residents could ask regarding their education, employment or skills and appropriate responses the chatbot should provide. It will also provide the different ways in which a question could be asked leading to the same result.

Opportunity Lambeth - 27/05/2021


An Invitation to Quote is adjoined to this specification. The maximum award value for this contract is £5,000 + VAT for 6 weeks of delivery. All responses must be received by 17:00 Monday 7th June and sent to These will then be assessed by a panel comprising of officers from Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Councils.

We welcome partnership and consortium bids for this contract. Any consortium bid would need to have a lead provider, and Lambeth Council would only enter a contract with one provider for this service.