London Careers Festival

London Careers Festival

The London Careers Festival is an annual summer event which seeks to connect pupils from primary to post 16 with the world of work, fuelling imaginations, developing skills, and inspiring futures.

London Careers Festival 2022 will build on the success of previous year’s event (2019-21) which connected over 20,000 pupils with more than 120 organisation

This year’s event will be a blend of virtual and in-person as follows:

Virtual Festival Jun2 20-24

In-person Festival June 27-July 1

  • Monday June 27th- post 16
  • Tuesday June 28th- secondary
  • Wednesday June 29th- Primary
  • Thursday June 30th- creative Careers
  • Friday July 1st- celebration of apprenticeships  

 All activities are free and include a programme of workshops from organisations including the BBC, Bloomberg, Generation Success, and Career Ear, the festival has something for everyone from primary to post-16.


Opportunity Lambeth - 04/05/2022


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This year also sees the return of the in-person ApprenticeFutures careers event and Livery Schools Link showcase, as well as a full day of creative careers sessions in collaboration with Culture Mile Learning.

You can find the full programme and booking information for the festival here: BOOK – London Careers Festival