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Phone Number: 020 7926 0500
Twitter: @opplambeth

The Spear Programme

Helping young people facing disadvantage into work or education. 

online adaptation of the Spear programme.

We intend to work with around 8-10 young people, initially through one central team, and engage them in a series of group and 1:1 coaching sessions over 4-6 weeks.

The aim of the programme is that they would become more work-ready:

ready to enter employment either now or as soon as the workplace allows. 

Serena Heselden - 08/07/2020

we are now welcoming referrals for this online group programme:

please fill in this referral form and we’ll be in touch with you soon. All being well, we’ll kick off in early June with an Introductory session. At this point, we are just gauging interest so please get in touch if you think someone you’re working with may be interested so we can set up a preliminary conversation.

It is worth noting that stable internet access and a suitable electronic device will be required.