COVID-19 Response: The Fore’s RAFT Fund

The Fore and its partners are providing grants of up to £5,000 to help small charities and social enterprises overcome the challenges posed by coronavirus.

The Rapid Action by the Fore and Trusts Fund (‘‘RAFT’’) will provide grants for high- quality, well-managed small charities and social enterprises with great leadership doing vital work in their communities. The UK has a range of vibrant, high-impact small charities and social enterprises operating across the country that are addressing pressing social issues from knife crime to domestic violence to climate change.   However, due to the nature of fundraising, most small charities operate on a hand to mouth basis with few reserves to sustain them through crisis times such as these.  

Serena Heselden - 29/04/2020

RAFT is specifically looking to shore up and build resilience in high-impact small charities, giving them a better chance to continue their services and navigate through the crisis. The Fore will initially be accepting 500 applications, with places allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. They will open for additional applications when funding becomes available.

To apply, please copy and paste the following link to your browser.