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Street League Launches A Summer Calendar Of Events For 16-24 Year Olds This July & August

We understand that it has been a difficult time for young people across the UK and as unemployment is once again on the rise, we want to ensure they have the best support possible to get onto the career path they desire. 

That is why here at Street League we have been busy preparing a summer calendar for 16-24 year old's to engage with throughout July and August. 

Serena Heselden - 13/07/2020

Our Summer Calendar Of Events

We are offering a variety of online events that will support young people with their next steps such as;

-  Zoom workshop with Whitehat on their apprenticeship opportunities with leading employers

- Live Q & A with an Education Law Solicitor on young peoples' rights post-results day

- Standard Chartered Bank on their Cyber Apprenticeships

Live interviews on Instagram with professionals in the Fitness and Construction Industry

- Exclusive CV feedback session with industry professionals

- Live session on apprenticeship opportunities with Amazon

- 'Next Steps' virtual workshops with Network Rail 

- Weekly sports & fitness sessions led by our Street League coaches

- Wellbeing & mental health sessions to manage stress and anxiety

To join an Instagram Live, a young person will need to view our London Instagram Profile at the time of the session.

To book in a Zoom session, a young person will need to follow the link below and register.