Voluntary employment-support programme

Central London Works is a voluntary employment-support programme that supports those with health conditions and long-term unemployed with employment opportunities.  In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have re-focused the nature of the programme to provide intensive support to protect the well-being of our residents across Central London.  

Serena Heselden - 19/05/2020

Our remote response service includes, a dedicated caseworker who will have phone check-ins as often as your participant wants, to address concerns and provide a tailored support package, in addition to  direct access to bespoke physical and mental health advice from in-house professionals and community health experts via remote conferencing and telephone appointments.  Our team can also support with food bank vouchers, food delivery for those who are shielding, register with community supermarkets, and help access council discretionary benefits and grants. 


To directly refer please email CLW-ERO@ingeus.co.uk or contact Lisa Burley on 07585 968 584.